Vinus Two Prong Cork Puller


You’ve got an old bottle. But you need to be able to open it. That is when you need this Two Prong Cork Puller. Perfect for fragile, wet, and dry corks.

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Once you’ve done the hard work of cellaring a bottle. Or maybe found, bought, or have been given an old bottle. You need to be able to open it. Most wines will be fine with a good quality corkscrew. However, there are some corks that are extremely wet, or totally dried out. Putting a screw through the middle of a dry cork will turn it in to confetti and you’ll have to strain out cork from your wine. Trying to use a corkscrew on a wet cork may just see it fall right in.

That is when you need this Two Prong Cork Puller

It is surprisingly simple and effective. By sliding down the side of the cork, you can twist it out in once piece with no fuss and no swearing.

This will work on new corks too, it is just a bit harder and a bit of overkill.

How does it work?
  1. Cut off the foil/cap.
  2. Carefully line up the prongs with the edge of the cork.
  3. Alternate sliding the prongs down between the cork and the neck of the bottle until it is as far as possible.
  4. Using the handle, twist and pull upwards. Do it slowly and your cork will be out in one piece.

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