Your Wine Cellar

Why Should You Have A Wine Cellar?

One of the greatest feelings in the world is drinking a perfect, mature wine from your own wine cellar. Collecting wines yourself means you know where the wine has been, and how it has been cellared, empowering you to make an educated guess on when to drink your wines.

The Wine Depository is here to make that process as satisfying as possible. Phil will talk to you about your specific cellaring needs, cellar storage, wines to buy that are suitable for cellaring and sensational wines you can drink right away.

If you are ready right now to drink already-cellared and ready to drink wines, you can shop The Wine Depository’s Current Cellar List. The Cellar List is a curated range of wines that have already been cellared and are now at peak drinking. They are available right now for purchase.

Starting Your Cellar

A cellar does not have to be a bluestone cave under your house, although that would be incredibly cool (in both senses of the word). What we are referring to is a careful selection of wines to cater for your current and future tastes. We can help you answer questions such as:
”How much mature wine and what types will I want to be drinking in the future?” And the classic “what wines will improve with age and when should they be consumed?”

This is possibly the most fun part of collecting wine; the build-up, the anticipation and finally, the ability to drink the wines you have stored yourself when they are mature. It was certainly the most rewarding experience Phil has had. Whether you are starting from scratch or building on a collection, the important thing is to keep going.

For an investment of about $360 a month for a dozen bottles you can start adding hand selected wines, that suit your palate, to your cellar. Undoubtedly you will add a few special purchases to top this up and at the end of the year you will have at least 12 dozen and be well on the way to an amazing collection.

Continuing Your Cellar

Once you stop replenishing what you drink or a gap forms in your cellar it can be hard to regain the momentum. The hardest time is when you initially start out because you need to buy wines for both keeping and for drinking. But once you have a good supply you can scale back the quantity and start increasing the quality.

For a lot of people that may seem like it will be too much. But you have to work out how much mature wine you want to drink a year. Will you will be using it for entertaining or functions? Or just personal use? Remember that it is addictive,  once you get used to drinking mature wine you will want plenty in your cellar. Of course we here at The Wine Depository are happy to tailor the experience to what you want.

Ideal Cellaring Conditions

In a perfect world, each bottle in your cellar would sit untouched and unmoved. The temperature would be stable (at about 14-16 degrees centigrade) as would the humidity. The wine would also have minimal exposure to light and vibration.

Storing Your Wine Cellar

If you don’t have the above mentioned bluestone cellar don’t fear! The Wine Depository has wine storage at our secure, temperature and humidity controlled cellar. For as little as $3.00 per box per month your wine can sit and age in peace. Phil secretly wishes he had the same luxury.

To discuss or arrange cellaring with The Wine Depository please call Phil on 0418 23 04 82 or contact him.