Your Key To A Great Cellar

That is Phil, The Wine Guy… Me.

Phil Smith

The Wine Guy

I love wine like you do. Maybe a little more but let’s not argue. I started TWD in 2011 to help you enjoy every experience and have fun while you do it. If you learn something along the way that is even better. I love to chat so you can call me on 0418 23 04 82 or email

TWD gives you the chance to buy Wine Guy approved wine from all over the world. You can choose when, how many, how often and for how much. Or I can save you time and effort and use over 15 years of experience to put together a selection so all you have to do is benefit from the sheer enjoyment from your wine.

Phil Smith

The Wine Guy

The TWD Wine Experience Offers You:


Due to my love of wine, there is always around 300 different products ready to go at any time. All are wine guy approved.


Some people don’t have a suitable space. Some don’t have suitable resistance to temptation. Therefore I offer you solutions to either or both of these problems.


Public Events, Dinners, Tastings, Masterclasses are generally tightly themed and incorporate education into the ultimate goal of tasting great wine.

Private Events

Do you need a reason? Nope, just an audience. A TWD event can be for personal pleasure or corporate events. They are interactive, engaging while totally tailored to your needs.


Let’s be honest, most people are intimidated about the whole subject. Therefore, I take all the intimidation out and put in the sense of fun and enjoyment that it is really all about.


Is there something you tasted that you love and can’t find anywhere? Seems like you should ask me! In conclusion; nothing is impossible!

With that in mind, what can I do for you?

Gift a gift

Can’t choose a wine for that special someone? Get them a Wine Depository Voucher. You choose the amount.