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the key to a great cellarphil-circle

That is Phil, The Wine Guy… Me. I love wine like you do. Maybe a little more but let’s not argue. I started TWD in 2011 to help you drink the wines you want and have fun while you do it. If you learn something along the way that is even better.

The Wine Depository is a retail wine shop that gives you the chance to buy ‘Wine Guy approved’ wine sourced from all over the world. You can choose, when, how many, how often and for how much. I can give you guidance, education and a chance for sheer enjoyment of wine.

TWD also offers
Wine Cellaring
Public Wine Events. Dinners, Tastings, Masterclasses
Private Wine Events. 
Rare Wine Sourcing. Nothing is impossible! 

What that in mind, what can I do for you?  I love to chat about wine so you can call me on 0418 23 04 82 or email ua.mo1477164958c.yro1477164958tisop1477164958edeni1477164958weht@1477164958pilih1477164958p1477164958

Phil Smith

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