Domenica Beechworth Nebbiolo Rose 2019


This Domenica Beechworth Nebbiolo Rose is quite European in outlook. Very pale, savoury. This wine just slides down your palate effortlessly.

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This Domenica Beechworth Nebbiolo Rose is quite European in outlook. Very pale, savoury, and not giving out bags of complexity upfront. As you nurse a glass through some time you start to get the nuances. And it is the tiny details that make this wine so special.  Red apple, subtle aniseed and just a whiff of rose petal. The palate is tight, acid, phenolics, and leesy texture all worth in harmony and this wine just slides down your palate effortlessly. This is classy Rose and a benchmark that others in Australia should work from. No need to age this Domenica Beechworth Nebbiolo Rose but it probably will change with time. I just feel like there is more to this wine than we see on surface level.

It is the site that makes Domenica special. A granite ridge south-west of Beechworth sitting at 460 masl. With such a great site Owner and winemaker, Peter Graham only needs to make sure the grapes happily transition into wine. As a result of 13 years experience as assistant winemaker at Giaconda Peter has the skill to do this. The wine quality at Domenica is outstanding.


Built on the fame and drive of Giaconda, the region of Beechworth has a lot to offer wine lovers. With a good diversity of styles from rich Chardonnay to Pinot Noir as well as Shiraz and Cabernet all doing well it is a must-visit place.


Famously producing long-lived red wines which are light of colour, but abundant in tannin from Barolo, Barbaresco and various other local wines. This is the variety that defines the region. Typical flavours include Tar, roses, anise, cherry, blackberry and truffle

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