De Long Wine Tasting Notebook


This Wine tasting notebook can help you reminisce or to wine tasting mastery. With cheat notes and prompts you’ll be able to capture each wine perfectly.

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You might be a serious wine drinker or someone who just likes to reminisce. Either way this Wine tasting notebook can help you. Jotting down your thoughts is easy with this book. It gives you segments and prompts to help translate what is on your palate to the page.

Part of being a great wine taster is remembering. And the best way to remember is to actively record each wine. You only have to do it for the first sips of each wine, then you can set about enjoying the brilliant bottle you’ve just opened.

This book offers a convenient way to keep all your notes in one space and provides some cheat notes to help get you started.

De Long Wine Tasting Notebook

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