Last Morning In Europe… Booooooo!

View from Condrieu Europe

I awoke early and spritely, ready for a day of lasts in Europe. Last use of hand shower without a shower screen. Thank Bacchus for that! Last Petit dejeunier. For the love of Bacchus, why can’t we do this in Australia? Importantly, last chance to see some vineyards. After average French coffee balanced by beautiful … Read more

On The Rhone Again

Rhone Valley via Domaine Tempier Cellar Door

I awoke excitedly on my creaky futon and well-worn pillow. Today was the day I visit Domaine Tempier. Glorious sunshine, not too hot and the promise of a breakfast facing the Mediterranean spurred me on to the town again before I headed for the Rhone Valley. A lovely croissant from a bakery that had people … Read more

Bandol Bound

For those who don’t know, I love Bandol. I have a cat named Tempier, named after the most famous and my favourite Bandol producer. With that in my mind I was up early and ready to go. Before getting to Bandol (it’s a VERY long drive), I had Barolo and Barbaresco to explore. On a … Read more

Embargo lifted – We visit Chablis.

The whole trip I’d been nudging forward the whites of the region because everyone knows how great the reds are. But subtly I had held back Chablis because I wanted to keep that flint dry (see what I did there?). Today that changes when we visit Chablis. The embargo lifted. We drove to the beautiful … Read more

A Beautiful Day In Burgundy

After a short delay in blogging while sleep took priority I’m back to keep you up to date with the happenings of the wine family. In this episode we wake up to . beautiful day in Burgundy with some lovely sun. Not warm mind you but the sun makes you feel like you are floating above … Read more

Disaster – That Burgundy Frost

That Burgundy Frost

Some days you are witness to history, even if you don’t want to. We were there for that Burgundy frost. The sun was shining after yesterdays icy blast and the walk into town was not rained out. There should have been an inkling when we found my favourite petit dejeuner place closed. Not the end … Read more

Macon Visit – Bret Brothers amazing Chardonnays

La Soufrandiere Macon Pouilly Vinzelle Bret Brothers

It is not every day that this cynical wine guy learns something about wine. But today, at Macon, I did. And today I think I found my vinous man crush. Also, they like to use the name Philippe a lot around here. It’s almost as bad as the time I went on the ‘Phil Smith … Read more

Questions, Confirmations and Tasting in Gevrey & Pommard

Tasting In Burgundy

Today we started the really real part of the trip; Tasting In Gevrey Chambertin. That meant petit dejeuner. Any breaky that has croissants as lovely as those is OK with me. But we also get coffee (passable), baguette and orange juice. It was delicious and nostalgic as it was the same café that I went … Read more

Strawberry Epiphanies on The Routes de Grand Cru

Chambertin Clos de Beze Routes de Grand Cru

Captains Log. Day 2. Today the wine family experienced the North part of the Routes de Grand Cru (pronounced Cruss according to Google maps). The funny thing was we were heading to Beaujolais. There was an unfortunate incident, things were said… mostly by me. But it did end up with someone (me) threatening to punch James … Read more

First Day En Bourgogne – Safely In Burgundy

House In Beaune Safely In Burgundy

Hello Friends! After quite an enjoyable trek we have arrived safely in Burgundy. The Qantas flight from Melbourne to Singapore was quite exciting with good company keeping me going. 6 hours in Singapore was a bit of a stretch. After that the 13 hours to Zurich with Swiss Air was so comfortable and food so tasty, … Read more

I’m off to Burgundy… WOO!

Off To Burgundy

I’m off to Burgundy… WOO! In 2008 I undertook a glorious wine study tour. Mosel, Burgundy, Jura, Alsace, Paris (we drank a lot of wine there) and Champagne. I learnt a lot and I loved every second of it. Except the flying. People with sleeping tablets blocking aisles, first experiences with jet lag and on the … Read more