Renato Ratti Barolo Modernist, Pioneer. The Best Barolo since 1965

Renato Ratti

Renato Ratti Barolo are some of the favourite wines I buy each year. And these are wines I buy for my cellar as well as recommend for yours. I’ve never had a bad Renato Ratti Barolo, but I have had plenty of great ones. The 1996 Marcenasco being chief among them. My attachment to this … Read more

The Wine Show on 96.5 Inner FM 19th July 2020

The Wine Show on 96.5 Inner FM 11th August 2019. Live, every Sunday 9am - 11am (Melbourne, Australia) on Inner Fm.

The Wine Show on 96.5 Inner FM 19th July 2020 – LIVE every Sunday 9am – 11am  (Melbourne, Australia) on Inner Fm. Still social distancing all the guests joined us via Zoom or the phone. The Guests Christina Kaigg – Wine Scholar Guild Becky Centeno – Modus Operandi Brewing Michael Trembath – Trembath and Taylor Check … Read more

The foggy lands of Nebbiolo

The hills of Barolo and Barbaresco resemble a fluffy doona freshly tossed onto a bed before being smoothed out. There are peaks and troughs, amphitheatres, ravines, steep gradients and flat lands. The face in every direction possible and if there is a piece of land without a road or a house on it, you can bet … Read more

Bandol Bound

For those who don’t know, I love Bandol. I have a cat named Tempier, named after the most famous and my favourite Bandol producer. With that in my mind I was up early and ready to go. Before getting to Bandol (it’s a VERY long drive), I had Barolo and Barbaresco to explore. On a … Read more

Piedmont Dinner and Masterclass at Scopri 15/05/12

It is with a lot of pride I can write about the inaugural Wine Depository dinner which took place on Tuesday 15th May 2012. The private room at Scopri. An ideal setting. The goal was to have a casual and informative night on one of the worlds great regions: Piedmont. In many ways it is the Italian equivalent … Read more