Embargo lifted – We visit Chablis.

The whole trip I’d been nudging forward the whites of the region because everyone knows how great the reds are. But subtly I had held back Chablis because I wanted to keep that flint dry (see what I did there?). Today that changes when we visit Chablis.Seine

The embargo lifted. We drove to the beautiful town of Chablis in glorious weather and more than a few napping family members. In their defence, it has been a long week. We parked right on the left bank of the Seine. We met Oliver the winemaker. He took us into a gorgeous maison to taste with Catherine in a beautifully presented room. Rebuilt after a fire, the roof itself was worth the admission.


Left bank wines are more white flowers and white fruits. Right bank are more yellow and exotic fruits. Billaud Simon

We tasted through a range of delicate, beautiful and at times downright forceful Chablis. The wines were stunning. The Chablis AC 14 could have come out into the sun and disappeared in a few minutes. The Chablis Tete d’Or 14 from the foot of Montee de Tonnerre was graceful in its intensity. Mont Milieu 13 1er was tropical and exotic. Montee de Tonnerre 13 1er focused and fine.

Grand Cru time. Les Preuse 13 restrained, clean and quite umami. Vaudesir 13 by contrast received aging in old oak and swapped restraint for power, fat and mouthwatering acidity.

Reluctantly we left these wines behind to go and picnic at the top of Les Clos.

Left over gigot de Agneau ou baguette. Frommage de chevre, pate and comte. And of course a family photo overlooking the beautiful landscape.

A quick trip to William Fevre and a charming tasting with a man who clearly was bashful speaking English despite having a fair grip of it. We tasted all 2014s Petit Chablis and Chablis AC were charming. Vaillon 1er and Fourchaume 1er showed left and right bank differences typical of the region. Vaudesir Grand Cu and Bougros Cote Bouguerot Grand Cru were tightly packed bundles of potential. We purchased a few bottles here.

The drive home was lonely for wine dad while everyone fell asleep. I was more than a little jealous might I add.End of Trip Feels

After a quick freshen up everyone got dropped into town. Shopping, drinks and whatever else before dinner at La Ciboulette. I wandered into town after a nap, shower. Packing my bag which was a challenge. My confidence of being able to bring three bottles home has been seriously shattered. A French beer was surprisingly enjoyable before catching up with STEVEN and Ant for another. Now we were ready for dinner.

La Ciboulette is brilliantly presented. The person who looked after us I remember from my last visit in 2008. Very correct and wouldn’t let us serve our own wines. We ate and drank well I believe. There were some issues with the cooking of the steak but my langoustines were to die for. Cheese including abbaye de Citeaux. Lovely, but I was truly stuffed. I think with that last mouthful I had eaten all the produce in France. Just as well I was leaving for Italy the next day.

We had to finish the beers in the house. And that meant I went to bed far too late. But as it was the last night. And we needed to get rid of the left overs right?

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