Willem Kurt Beechworth, Alpine Valleys Shiraz 2014


Drink now, mid-weight and balancing the fruits and elegance of Alpine Valleys Shiraz with the richness and spice of Beechworth.

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Daniel Balzer is a lovely man who has been making wine since 1998. By working at big and small companies he found his feet and developed a philosophy that is timeless; start with healthy grapes from a great vineyard and don’t do anything mess it up. Having tried a few vintages of his Beechworth and Alpine Valleys wine, I think he’s doing a stunning job and the wines are priced at a level that you’d be crazy to buy just one bottle. Which is great because they are too tasty to stop at just one bottle.

A smart drink to be sure. Mid-weight and balancing the fruits and elegance of Alpine Valleys Shiraz with the richness and spice of Beechworth. This is a wine that will evolve with time in the glass and time in the bottle too. Have a look at how it is going in 2020 but I think it’ll last much longer than that I heartily recommend trying this with some spicy meatballs.


Built on the fame and drive of Giaconda, the region of Beechworth has a lot to offer wine lovers. With a good diversity of styles from rich Chardonnay to Pinot Noir as well as Shiraz and Cabernet all doing well it is a must visit place.


A bit of a chameleon, Shiraz can change how it looks depending on terroir and/or wine maker influence. The Syrah based wines of Northern Rhone are dry and austere, while the Shiraz of Barossa is rich and fleshy. A variety that lends itself to long aging but can be drunk at any time of its evolution.

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