Rob Hall Yarra Valley New Cabernet 2015


A light, fresh Cabernet sans preservative for lovers of Beaujolais or Anjou style reds.

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Rob Hall himself has this to say on it “This is a cabernet that is as far from the claret style as possible. Somewhat inspired by Anjou Villages Cabernets, though made completely with carbonic maceration and released early in the style of Beaujolais. A 30 year old dry-grown vineyard in Kangaroo Ground supplied the fruit for this wine.

Cabernet sauvignon has as much expressive character as any variety in the Yarra Valley. A lot of this character diminishes after a while in barrel. Usually the time in barrel is necessary to improve the structure of Cabernet, but this already has quite supple tannins thanks to the carbonic maceration.

There is no preservative added, and no animal products used, largely to make a wine for some friends of mine who struggle to find such wines, I hope they’re not alone! However, it’s not a move to the natural wine movement, as it was inoculated for both primary and malolactic fermentation. I was going for freshness and early bottling, so an early completion of malolactic fermentation was desirable.”

Rob Hall has done some magical things when it comes to wine. Worked at big and small places making outstanding quality wines. Most notably he has worked at Mount Mary and Kellybrook. He has also been making wines under his own label sourced from his family vineyard near Healesville and local fruit. The focus is on younger drinking, great quality and value Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Further releases of interesting parcel sourced from around the Yarra will only add to his legend.

Yarra Valley

A region that is just too big to generalise about. The difference between Upper and Lower Yarra can be the ability to ripen some grapes or not. Great wines are made in the Yarra but it is best to know the producers.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The noble variety of Bordeaux’s left bank. Firm tannins, a streak of acidity and punctuated by flavours of cassis, violets, spice and leather. The best examples can age for the long term. Although Cabernet does often require blending with Merlot, Cabernet Franc or Shiraz to fix the hole it has in its middle palate.

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