Lehmann Glass Jamesse Premium 28.5 Beautiful Champagne Glass


A glass to allow you to truly enjoy the flavours of the sparkling wine you have bought.


Created based on passion and a love for wine the Lehmann Glass oenological brand has given us great wine glasses. It is a story that dates back to 2012. Gérard Lehmann, founder of Verrerie de la Marne and Gérard Basset, the most successful sommelier in the world, decided to share their expertise and knowledge to create glasses collections which will be, during wine tasting, formidable oenological tools. The Champagne inspired Lehmann Glass Jamesse Premium range are without peer.

Lehmann Glass Jamesse Premium 28.5

I love the Lehmann Glass Jamesse Premium glasses because it shows the base wine, not just the bubbles, You get a true sense of what the sparkling wine you have in there tastes like. And since we wine lovers only drink great sparkling, it means we get full value from each bottle.

Machine made lead-free crystal. They are outstanding quality and remarkably durable.

Lehmann Glass Jamesse Premium 28.5 Champagne Glass

lehmann glass jamesse premium 30

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