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Wine Glasses

Do your wine glasses make a difference?

The answer is yes, no and maybe. The hardest part about wine glasses is a lot of it comes down to personal preference, although it is quite a fascinating topic once you delve into it.

A lot of factors effect how a glass can change the way you perceive a wine

The size and shape of the bowl, the size of the aperture, the lip – is it a cut or rolled rim and how it is shaped to deliver the wine onto your palate. And not to be overlooked is aesthetics. If it looks good before you’ve taken a sip, you will probably receive the wine more favourably. Thankfully there is no right or wrong on this topic as stated before, a lot of it comes down to your preference.

Focus on shapes and styles.

First up, everyone really needs the Gabriel Glas shape. It is a great shape for most varieties and most occasions. It is especially good for showing wines in their raw form. If you were going to buy one glass, this is the one.

For Champagne or sparkling wine

Flutes are great for traditional styles. But when I am drinking Grower Champagne or sparkling with a really interesting base wine, it has to be in a proper wine glass like the Gabriel Glas style. Is that wrong? No, I feel it allows the bubbles to die off and the more interesting characters in the wine to flourish. But ultimately it comes down to my preference. I would recommend you give it a go: The worst that could happen is you drink some Grower Champagne!

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