Fine Fellows and Fine Wine – Pinot Noir Three Nations Challenge Monday 9th April


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Do you think Pinot Noir is the greatest grape known to humanity? If yes, this is for you. If no, you need to come and be enlightened.

What Is So Good About Pinot Noir?

The hardest grape to grow well; when you get all the factors right it makes wines that can be described as ethereal.

Early ripening and thin skinned berries mean that rain, hail, diseases, moulds and fauna are all able to wreak havoc.
And that is assuming you’ve planted in the right terroir to begin with. Too hot, too cold, too much rain, not enough rain, the wrong soil composition, will all mean you can never make a good wine and were wishing you just planted Shiraz.
If you got all of that right you also face the fact that Pinot Noir is also highly prone to mutation, which means you might find yourself making Pinot Gris or Pinot Blanc instead.

But taste great Champagne, Grand Cru Red Burgundy, Yarra/Mornington/Tasmanian Pinot, Otago/Martinborough/Marlborough Pinot, Oregon, Patagonia, Baden in Germany, and you’ll see why growers persist.

Especially when they’ve had many years in bottle.

The Wines

We’ll taste two brackets featuring three wines in each. Both brackets will have an Australian, New Zealand and French Pinot Noir. The second bracket will be served blind. There will be a prize for the Fellow who can most correctly tell me (guess) the countries of origin and order the wines from highest wine critic points to lowest.

Important Details

Your investment is $50 per seat. Which includes six wines to taste, food to match, glassware, notes and a presentation on the wines.

Limited to 12 places.
Monday 9th April
Arrive 6.00pm.
Finish approximately 8pm.

Boardroom of Milton House. 25 Flinders lane Melbourne.


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I’ve been a wine guy for well over 15 years now. I love it. The Wine Depository is a wine retail and wine events business I started for wine lovers in 2011. TWD allows me to develop a rapport with customers to make sure they drink and experience wine on their terms.


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