Wine Cellar Management Yearly Fee


Let your wine mature in perfect conditions. There is no alternative.

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Having your wines in perfect conditions because it makes a huge difference when you are finally ready to drink your special bottle. Too much heat or large fluctuations, not enough humidity, excessive vibration or heaven forbid, being moved a lot are all likely to knock your wine out of condition and potentially take years off it’s life. That is where having someone looking after your wine cellar management is critical.

Why worry about that when you can leave them to hibernate in temperature controlled luxury? All the costs are repaid when you finally open the bottle and it is in pristine condition. Having had my cellar in this facility for 10 years I can personally vouch for it. Joining me for a dinner or lunch will easily prove that.

Included in the wine cellar management service is a managed catalogue. Advice on drinking windows, cellar expansion, and valuations. Even sale of wines if you really need to.

Henri Gouges Wines are definitely cellarable.

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