Dinner: Burgundy & Yarra Valley @ Hotel Gitan 30th May 7pm


On Thursday 30th May, I invite you to drink Chardonnay & Pinot Noir from Burgundy & Yarra Valley. Hotel Gitan will put together a 3-course sharing meal.

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On Thursday 30th May, I invite you to drink Chardonnay & Pinot Noir from Burgundy & Yarra Valley. Hotel Gitan will put together a 3-course sharing meal and we’ll get down to the serious business of enjoying these wines.

Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are two of the greatest grapes on Earth. And two places where they excel is Burgundy & Yarra Valley. There is a range of amazing wine we could be looking at during this dinner. But I’ve chosen producers that I think offer something special. These guys not only love what they do, but they make wines that are pleasurable to drink. There is no esoteric higher purpose. This is wine made for the sheer joy of drinking it.

I visited Burgundy recently.

It is a shame you weren’t there (next time!) because the places I went to taste were magic. Two standout visits were Domaine Nudant in Ladoix-Serrigny and Domaine Montmains in Haute-Cotes-de-Nuits.Domaine Nudant

Domaine Nudant

The tasting at Nudant was amazing. We were basically over the road from the bulk of their vines. Ladoix-Serrigny is not a popular appellation or seen as a great place in Burgundy. We tasted wines they made in Ladoix-Serrigny and a range from other more celebrated appellations that included Grand Cru wines. After we finished I found myself drawn to the Ladoix-Serrigny wines. They were the most approachable and pleasing to drink at that moment in time. Now I must confess, one white wine actually is the other white grape of Burgundy: Aligote. But the minute you taste it, you’ll understand why it is on the table.

Domaine MontmainsDomaine Montmains

Montmains are in the hills behind where all the action takes place on the Cote d’Or. Mathieu said “I feel our appellation is worth zero. But our wines are worth more than that.” I come from someone who has enjoyed some beautiful Haute-Cotes-de-Nuits wines and was totally down with the wines. And we enjoyed an array of wines from 2014 back to 1996. In fact, the best wine was a 1999 Gamay in half bottle. But the overall result was a stunning array of whites and reds. Some looked like the more classic Cote d’Or wines, some were uniquely of the site they grew up in and on. Of the older wines we tasted, they proved they have the ability to age gracefully and I get the impression we will see more of these wines as time goes on.

There is a lot to love in the Yarra Valley.

The diversity of styles and outlooks is great. But I have elected to stick with one producer who makes wines that I love to drink.

Rob Hall

Rob grew up in Healesville and has made wine in the Yarra since 1999. He worked 10 years at Mount Mary and a couple at Kellybrook before starting his own label. What it means is he knows where all the good sites are and where to get the fruit he needs to make cracking wine. His style is very much for the enjoyment of drinking. As you will see on the night. Some of his wines will absolutely improve with age, but they are beautiful drinking from the moment they land in your glass.

Book in now for this event

Don’t forget to invite your friends. We have room for 30 so lets make this a night to remember.

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