Bobar Wines Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2016


Textural, savoury and delicate Chardonnay made using natural wine making techniques.

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Tom and Sally Natural Wine Makers at Bobar Wine. During vintage they add nothing to the ferments and intervene as little as possible to the process. No added yeasts or anything really. Filtering or fining and sulphur is only added just before bottling to preserve the wine over its lifetime. The grapes come from conventionally farmed vineyards in the Yarra until their organic vineyard comes on stream. The wines are different to what we normally see but allow us to see what wine is like without all the processes that are often used. Not better or worse, just another spectrum on the scale of delicious wine.

It is sometimes hard to nail natural wines in flavours but here goes. Savoury, earthy, tangy citrus, a spritzig note, green apples. The textural element of the wine is great and the tiny fizz really sets off the flavours. This is lovely to drink.
Note: Some natural wines are orange and oxidised, this wine is not that style. It retains freshness and Chardonnay flavour.


The grape that you can plant anywhere, in any climate and do anything to and it will still taste like an OK wine. When people hit the sweet spot of site, climate, cropping and winemaking, Chardonnay becomes a magical wine that will age gracefully but charm you at any age. Chardonnays can range from cool climate lean and citrusy to warmer climate tropical and overt. Oak and lees can add flavouring as can malolactic fermentation.

Yarra Valley

A region that is just too big to generalise about. The difference between Upper and Lower Yarra can be the ability to ripen some grapes or not. Great wines are made in the Yarra but it is best to know the producers.

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2 reviews for Bobar Wines Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2016

  1. Philip Smith

    Stunning Chardonnay that happens to be ‘natural’. I’ve steered clear of most natural wines because they can taste downright faulty but this was a wonderful and I’ll drink a lot more of this.

  2. Toby Firth

    Whens the new vintage coming out?

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