Wine Of The Week


Greenstone Rosso di Colbo Sangiovese 2011

The Greenstone vineyard is the result of a lot of know how, experimentation and breaking a few ‘rules’. There is a strong focus on producing good quality Sangiovese (to good results it would appear!) but of course in Heathcote you have to give Shiraz some floor space too.

Sangiovese is possibly the most drinkable red variety around.
A great example of Sangiovese.

This wine was one of the highlights from Saturday’s tasting at Mezzo. It is everything I want from a great Sangiovese. This could give more than a few Chiantis a run for their money! It is savoury, dry and lean with a nice acid backbone. It shows dark fruits, a hint of oak and a light floral note. Brilliant drinking! It went particularly well with Mezzo’s wild boar ragu!

$31ea – Cheaper by the dozen. Email me for more info or orders.

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