Valdespino La Guita Manzanilla San Luca de Barrameda 375ml


Valdespino are now custodians of La Guita, one of the quintessential Manzanilla wines. Light dry, aromatic and full flavoured.

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The origins of the Bodega Valdespino date back to 1264 A.D. Don Alfonso Valdespino was one of 24 Christian Knights who fought for King Alonso to re-conquer the City of Jerez from the Moors. Consequently King rewarded the Knights by giving them land in the City of Jerez. Inocente Fino is Valdespinos most famous wine, mostly because it is a unique a delicious wine.

In 2007 La Guita became part of a larger group that includes Valdespino. The original producers Hijos de Rainera Pérez Marín Wineries was founded in 1852. Certainly they have crafted the quintessential Manzanilla. Light, dry, full flavoured with plenty flor character. That chalky, brine, green apple and chamomile. The classic matches are natural oysters and jamon, there probably are better matches but I haven’t tried them.

D.O Jerez

The south western town that is responsible for Sherry. Sherry is a fantastic product that uses local conditions, the ‘Solera’ fractional blending system. In some styles the unique Flor yeast that grows on the top of the maturing wine to craft a wine that cannot be replicated anywhere in the world. They range from young to quite old and dry as dry can be to luscious and sweet. Dry Sherry is made with Palomino Fino, sweeter wines use Pedro Ximenez (PX) and Muscat of Alexandria (Moscatel).

Palomino Fino

The main variety of Sherry production. It grows in the chalky white albariza soils. Which gives a dry, acidity, minerally and faintly aromatic base wine to craft into works of Sherry art.  Used for Fino/Manzanilla, Amontillado and Oloroso production.

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