Toro Albala Don PX Montilla 2015 375ml

Don PX is an icon for lovers of Sherry styles. It is not in fact Sherry but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the great Pedro Xinenez styles to come out of Spain.

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The Don PX smells wonderfully of rum and raisin ice cream with liquorice drops thrown in. It is sweet and viscous yet the honey textured palate is beautifully balanced by citrussy freshness. The palate glows with concentrated toffee, caramel and dried fruit notes and finishes with a warm, lingering flourish.

Toro Albala makes wines in the Sherry styles but with a few subtle but important differences. They are in Montilla not in Jerez so can’t legally claim to be making Sherry and they exclusively use Pedro Ximenez to make their wines instead of using Palomino for the dry styles. The end result is still stunning and under-valued fortifieds!

Pedro Ximenez

The grape variety and style of wine from Sherry that makes what can only be described as liquefied Christmas cake. In Montilla PX is used to make Sherry styled wines from Fino through to sweet wines but they often aren’t fortified as PX has the ability to get quite ripe.

D.O Montilla-Moriles 

Is a region that grows only Pedro Ximenez. Interestingly grapes grown in Montilla can be take to Jerez and made into wine there are released as Sherry. PX grapes made into wine in Montilla can only carry the D.O Montilla-Moriles tag. They make all the Sherry styles from dry Fino through to the sweet sun dried wines but they are all richer due to PX’s influence and the lighter styles often don’t need fortification.

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