Ernesto Catena Tikal Patriota Mendoza 2013


Tikal is celebrating the old school Argentine red. 60% Bonarda, 40% Malbec. Boofy tannins, big bold flavours. Think good quality Port without the alcohol.

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Celebrating the old school style of Argentine red here. Made with 60% Bonarda; Argentina’s other red grape, and 40% Malbec. Bonarda gets pretty ripe easily and adds some boofy tannins, so this is an exercise in big bold flavours. Think good quality Port without the alcohol. There is a lot to love about this sort of wine as there is plenty of savoury elements to balance the boldness.

Ernesto is the son of THE Nicolas Catena; the man who put Argentina on the wine map. Ernesto’s passion is making wine as natural as possible. His own vineyard is run using biodynamic viticulture but he also sources fruit from the family estate and its outstanding vineyards. Ernesto has made some of my favourite Argentine wines to date.


Without question the jewel in the crown of Argentina. A large region. Lots of young and innovative producers have moved in and are slowly mapping out sub-regions and single vineyards of note. Look out for great Malbec but lots of experimentation means you can find all sorts of wonderful wines.


Native to South West France, Malbec is a minor player in Bordeaux and the major grape in the underappreciated Cahors. It has long been the star of Argentina. It makes wines that are intense, tannic, dark fruited with nice acidity. Perfect match for a country that consumes a lot of meat.


Known as Douce Noir (Sweet Black) in Savoie where it come from (although it may be a descendant of Piedmont’s Dolcetto). It certainly lives up to the sweet and black moniker adding heft and plumpness to the tannic Malbec.

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