Without question Mendoza is the jewel in the crown of Argentina. A large region. Lots of young and innovative producers have moved in and are slowly mapping out sub-regions and single vineyards of note. Lots of experimentation means you can find all sorts of wonderful wines including the flagship Malbec.


You are most likely to find Malbec in Argentina rather than its native South West France. A minor player in Bordeaux and the major grape in the underappreciated Cahors. It has long been the star of Argentina. Intense, tannic, dark fruited wines with nice acidity. Perfect match for a country that consumes a lot of meat.


A thick skinned red grape high in potent anti-oxidents. It makes darkly coloured wines with monstrous tannins but with underlying depth and complexity. Madiran is obviously Tannat’s happy place judging by the wines. You’re looking for flavours of red, blue and black berries, earth, pepper. Floral notes, dense and silky mouthfeel. Oak is often a flavouring and structural character in the wine too. These wines last for ever. You just need a good cellar

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