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I’ve been using the Ryner Glass Tempo Wine Glasses at events for many years now. They feel nice to hold and have a classic beauty. More importantly, they make the wine I take to events look, smell and taste great.  Almost as important too, I get all of the Ryner Glass Tempo wine glasses back at the end of the events; no breakages or chips. And I can put them in the dishwasher ready for next time.

Ryner Glass Notes

In our quest to develop high performance glassware we drew inspiration from our partnership with wine artisans. We are proud to introduce “RG” Ryner Glass.
Ryner Glass technology ensures brilliance and commitment to quality.
The glass detail influences the see – smell – taste experience of wine drinking.
To taste the nuances of differentwines and to experience the pleasure of recognizing the difference between a good wine and a very good wine is a
combination of many details.
All our glasses are produced to a high standard of a quality, design, durability and are dishwasher safe.
In addition to wide variety of suites our glasses are sturdy, yet fine, offering a glass for every taste and occasion.

A glass that allows the ‘wine to star’

Ryner Glass Tempo Range

Tempo offers a comprehensive range of wine glasses and drink ware for the hospitality industry. Premium lead free crystal glasses, with clarity and brilliance are dishwasher safe and resistant to breaking. A flat base ensures water does not gather in the dishwasher and offers proven resistance against the long-term effect of commercial dishwashing. Classic profile, with a laser cut lip friendly rim, minimizes chipping and enhances the drinking experience.

Ryner Glass Tempo Riesling
Ryner Glass Tempo Riesling
Ryner Glass Tempo Burgundy
Ryner Glass Tempo Burgundy
Ryner Glass Tempo Bordeaux
Ryner Glass Tempo Bordeaux

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