Robert & Bernard Plageoles Mauzac Roux 2011


Wonderfully balanced dessert wine from South of Bordeaux.

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The Plageoles family dedicated their domaine to recapturing the past glory of Gaillac by finding and replanting over a dozen native varieties that were almost extinct. Grapes like Prunelart (red), five variations of the Mauzace (Roux, Vert, Noir,
Gris and Rose), and whites Verdanel and Ondenc. Consequently the wines are different to more recognisable regions and styles but they are well worth tasting as the value here is amazing.

Picked in three passes through the vineyard. They achieve balance by only having botrytis in half of the grapes, the other half is late picked for sugar but keeps lovely acidity to make the final wine fresh and exciting. It offers the best of both worlds in terms of flavour too. Tropical fruits pear, spice and floral notes through to the richer botrytis characters of marmalade and caramel. The palate is sweet but fresh and clean. This is very lovely to drink.

Gaillac – A region just south of Bordeaux and like the other regions of South West France might have been more famous but for the Bordelaise heavily taxing their cousins to use their river for export.




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