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The Rebentos Vinho Verde is light but full of glycerol silkiness. It finishes with dried herbs and reminds me of a neglected garden.

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The Rebentos Vinho Verde is grown a fair way inland, so showing more body than usual for Vinho Verde. Rebentos Vinho Verde is a 50/50 belnd of Alvarinho-Trajadura. It shows green apples, funk on the nose. Rebentos Vinho Verde has a dry palate that is light but full of glycerol silkiness. It finishes with dried herbs and reminds me of a neglected garden. I love Rebentos Vinho Verde for its simplicity and approachability.

Drink Rebentos Vinho Verde now and serve it with your favourite seafood.

Pequenos Rebentos Vinho Verde DOC 2020, and all wines are eligible for at least 5% off any six bottles. And 10% off any 12 bottles. Some wines will be at a more significant discount and not subject to further discounts.

Pequenos Rebentos ‘Small sprouts’ is a winery based in Vinho Verde but also sources fruit from other regions in Portugal and Spain. The vineyards are grown as sustainably as possible, and the wines are made with low intervention.

Pequenos Rebentos Vinho Verde DOC 2020 Importer Notes

50:50 Alvarinho-Trajadura (pronounced Trajah-doo-rah; aka Albariño and Treixadura if we were in Spain) from granitic soils. Grapes are hand harvested and transported to the winery in small crates, where bunches are destemmed, followed by a short 4 hour maceration, and a slow fermentation of 15 days in small stainless tanks. 12% abv, total acidity: 6.6g/l, residual sugar: 4.5g/l, pH: 3.26, SO2 free: 30mg/l.

Vinho Verde

“Green Wine” is not highly regarded due to it often being thin, gassy, acidic but slightly sweet wine to guzzle on holidays. However, there is 21,000 hectares and 9 sub-zones within Vinho Verde. The region runs from the Rio Mino to the DO Douro. The closer you are to the Atlantic, the lighter the wines tend to be. As you move inland, the wines have greater intensity, body and alcohol.

Vinho Verde Wine Map


Native of Galicia and the main grape of D.O Rias Baixas. It has neutral juice with high acid, but with the right persuasion, it can achieve great perfume and texture. The acidity is really the key to the wine, making it refreshing and cleansing.


An important white grape for Portugal’s Vinho Verde. It is often blended with Albarino and/or Lourerio in both Spain and Portugal. Treixadura brings alcohol and body and tastes somewhat like Chardonnay.


Talking of Portuguese wine, most people would just think of Port. And for good reason, it is a style that took over the world. But to only think of Port is to miss out on the fantastic table wines that come out of the Douro Valley (where Port is made). The Douro is capable of producing world-class, complex reds and whites that are not fortified too.

Moving from the Douro, you will find charming whites and reds of Vinho Verde to the North. Vinho Verde borders Spain and only the Minho (Mino) River separetes VV and Rias Baixas. The grapes grown are almost identical, although spelt and pronounced differently.

Two other wine regions worth noting are the reds of Dao. We don’t see many here in Australia, but they are something special for sure. And, of course, the island of Madeira and their slightly cooked fortified wines. These are real treasures and often forgotten.

The Atlantic Ocean influences most of Portugal’s growing regions. This helps keep the climate from getting too hot and from the air being too still.

Portugal has many indigenous grapes as well as sharing many of the grapes from Spain.

Portugal Wine Map


Wine is the result you get from fermented grape juice. There is proof of wine production dating back 8000 years ago. Fashions, innovations and many other factors have influenced the way wine has evolved over the years.

The wine grape is impressive. It contains everything you need to make grape wine except for the yeast, which lives on the outside of the skins.

Human inputs can influence the final product, including the viticulture (growing) choices. And the winemaker can shape the wine to a point too.

The best wines of the world often refer to terroir. Terroir is a French term that refers to all the climatic, geological and topographical influences on a specific piece of land. And it is true that neighbouring vineyards, grown identically, can taste noticeably different.

White Wine

It is interesting to know that you can make white wine from almost any grape. The colour comes from the skins, and if there is no contact, there is no colour. White wines tend to be delicate, perfumed, higher in acid and lower in alcohol. It seems for this and many other reasons, it is hard to make an incredibly impressive white wine. But those that have mastered the art are indeed some of the best winemakers in the world.

It is a falsehood to think that white wine does not age as well as red wine. But it is correct that white wine, as a rule, doesn’t age for as long.

The Wine Depository

I, Phil, have been running The Wine Depository since 2011. The Wine Depository exists to make sure you are drinking the good wines. You can browse and pick what is interesting to you. Or you can make contact with me. I’ll make sure you get what you want, to your palate, to your budget and to your door.

Pequenos Rebentos Vinho Verde DOC 2020 Back Label
Pequenos Rebentos Vinho Verde DOC 2020 Back Label
Pequenos Rebentos Vinho Verde DOC 2020
Pequenos Rebentos Vinho Verde DOC 2020

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