My Wine Guy Selection – A collection of wine to your tastes.

Perfect for when you think “I need my wine guy to select the wine for me.” Tailored to your tastes and budget and it will absolutely delight and amaze you.

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Perfect for when you think “I need my wine guy to select the wine for me.” This selection will be tailored to your tastes and budget and it will absolutely delight and amaze you.

Can you think back and honestly say you are getting the most out of every bottle?

Are you spending endless amounts of time standing in a wine shop trying to tell the difference?
Do you end up with the same ‘safe’ wine but always wonder what else is out there?
Is your cellar full of one narrow style of wine? You loved it when you started collecting, but now you want to broaden your drinking horizons?

You need your Wine Guy. Me!

I started The Wine Depository for wine lovers like you. TWD can help you take that plunge into the whole wine world. I am here for you. To help you find your happy place where the flavours are diverse and complex. There are endless combinations of styles, textures, stories, adventures. Ultimately you will have the ability to drink lovely wine every time you pull a cork, crack a screwcap or flick a crown seal.

In almost six years I have earnt a lot of fans. Most of my regulars just call/email/text and say “I need more wine” and not much more than that. Why do they do this?

“We feel like we have finally found a good quality tasting experience, with like-minded people who know their grapes!” Nicole

“There’s heaps about your service at TWD that I really like. You’ll move my green bins while being observed by a grumpy husky to hide boxes of wine. You deliver!!!!! I love the cellaring service, and I love that you can make lots of great recommendations for wines I wouldn’t have otherwise known about or tried. So there’s stacks of upside.” Row

“I find your service to be excellent- great range of wines, good pricing and timely delivery. I also find your palate to be relatively aligned to mine (or you’ve just worked out what I like over the last 10 or so years) which helps greatly with recommendations and mixed boxes when we grab them from you. The service for the business has been great too.” Gwyn

Drink the wines you’ll love, personally selected for you.

Invest in your future happiness and purchase a mixed wine dozen that will suit you. How? Commit to a Wine Guy 12. You select the value that makes you comfortable and I’ll do the rest. Included in the price is freight and insurance to anywhere in Australia. 12 bottles of wine with a  minimum of 15% discount off the retail price. And most importantly, I’ll spend time with you either in person, on the phone/skype, or via email to make sure your first and every dozen afterwards will be exactly what you want. The proof will be in each bottle and I know you’ll appreciate what I select. It’s what I’ve been doing for customers for over 15 years.

Don’t risk repeating the same habits.

Note Any orders have to work out to at least $25 per bottle or they will transferred to a gift voucher.

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