Modus Operandi XPA


Modus Operandi XPA is like a summery, thirst-quenching Sonic Prayer. Light-bodied, fresh, tropical, fruity but dry. It is lo-cal I am told.


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I was happily drinking all the Modus Operandi XPA until a customer asked about some of the other beers I had for sale. It is kind of like drinking Sonic Prayer but it’s all turned down to 6. I can see the appeal here and in the warmer weather, this would show its worth. Light-bodied, fresh, tropical, fruity but dry. It is lo-cal I am told. That is not a selling point for me, but it may be for you!

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Started in 2012 after our husband and wife team spent 6 months of touring the USA to delve into the craft beer revolution. The MO is great beer with no short cuts. That means flying yeast in from the USA, scouring the globe for the best ingredients, and especially, keeping the beer cold from the moment it is packaged. The beers are great. The Sonic Prayer was a real find, the Former Tenant is in my top handful of beers ever. Therefore, you need to buy some cans and find out what the fuss is all about.


Extra Pale Ale. But I think rather than being Extra-Pale. It is a Pale Ale with a little Extra something. Generally, it is hoppier, and slightly stronger than a standard Pale Ale. But to be totally honest. It is a category without real direction. A lot of the XPAs I have tasted are pretty ordinary, bland, thirst-quenching beer. And there is nothing wrong with that necessarily.

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