Bodegas Mengoba Brezo Blanco Bierzo 2020 Value Complex


Mengoba Brezo is an all too easy to guzzle white that really should be in a one-litre bottle. Seriously textural and silky. Reminds of a decent Gin.

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I loved the Mengoba Brezo Tinto at first sip, and it looks like the Mengoba Brezo Blanco is better still. Made from Godello and Dona Blanca, this is a seriously textural and silky white with a complex array of flavours that remind me a fair bit of a decent Gin. All of these factors make Mengoba Brezo an all too easy to guzzle white that really should be in a one-litre bottle.

Bodegas Mengoba Brezo Blanco Bierzo 2020, and all wines are eligible for at least 5% off any six bottles. And 10% off any 12 bottles. Some wines will be at a more significant discount and not subject to further discounts.

Bodegas Mengoba is a beautiful collection of old, high altitude, goblet trained, organically grown plots in Bierzo. This is the key to the quality of Mengoba’s wines. The Mengoba Brezo wines are a great entry point. Stepping up to the estate wines, then single vineyard releases really capture the essence of the region. Both reds from Mencia and whites from Godello and Dona Blanco are seriously impressive.

Bodegas Mengoba Brezo Blanco Bierzo 2020 Importer Notes

Grégory Pérez freely admits that you’ve got to have a few loose screws to grow all your grapes in the highest and rockiest sites in Bierzo. Crazy he may be, but we thank him for his efforts! Mengoba’s entry white is a fabulous blend of 85% Godello and 15% Doña Blanca, sourced from a variety of Bierzo’s highland terroirs. The Godello comes mostly from a stony Carracedo site, as well as from some sandy loam and clay/limestone plots in Valtuille and Villafranca del Bierzo (at 500-plus metres of elevation). The Doña Blanca hails from similar sites, and includes some older, gobelet material from the slate soils of Espanillo. The vine age for these plots sits between 20 and 80 years, which is remarkable when you consider the price. The wine fermented with wild yeasts and was raised on its fine lees in tank and large cask for six months.


Continental climate and high altitude vineyards combined with schist laden soils mean these wines are elegant, fine and perfumed. Easily some of the best wines in Spain.    



Godello is an unheralded white for Galicia in Spain. It offers a wonderful silky texture and a beautiful array of sweet aromas. It is a variety that you do need to know.


Spain is probably more famous for the wines from the hot and dry parts. But the diversity of wine is equal to any country. And Spanish wine is a legitimate threat to the Australian wine market, with their dry-grown, old-vines able to produce the same quality as anything in Australia. If they were allowed to irrigate, they could release more wine at significantly less than any Australian equivalent.

The styles to try as a wine lover include Old school Rioja (leave them for 50 years, though, please!). Real Sherry, from Jerez, seriously try this stuff. Mencia from Bierzo and surrounds. Cava – if you thought Prosecco was poor man’s Champagne, well, good Cava makes Prosecco taste like Schweppes Mineral Water. And there are more amazing terroir wines across Spain.

Spanish Wine Map


Wine is the result you get from fermented grape juice. There is proof of wine production dating back 8000 years ago. Fashions, innovations and many other factors have influenced the way wine has evolved over the years.

The wine grape is impressive. It contains everything you need to make grape wine except for the yeast, which lives on the outside of the skins.

Human inputs can influence the final product, including the viticulture (growing) choices. And the winemaker can shape the wine to a point too.

The best wines of the world often refer to terroir. Terroir is a French term that refers to all the climatic, geological and topographical influences on a specific piece of land. And it is true that neighbouring vineyards, grown identically, can taste noticeably different.

White Wine

It is interesting to know that you can make white wine from almost any grape. The colour comes from the skins, and if there is no contact, there is no colour. White wines tend to be delicate, perfumed, higher in acid and lower in alcohol. It seems for this and many other reasons, it is hard to make an incredibly impressive white wine. But those that have mastered the art are indeed some of the best winemakers in the world.

It is a falsehood to think that white wine does not age as well as red wine. But it is correct that white wine, as a rule, doesn’t age for as long.

The Wine Depository

I, Phil, have been running The Wine Depository since 2011. The Wine Depository exists to make sure you are drinking the good wines. You can browse and pick what is interesting to you. Or you can make contact with me. I’ll make sure you get what you want, to your palate, to your budget and to your door.

Bodegas Mengoba Brezo Blanco Bierzo 2020
Bodegas Mengoba Brezo Blanco Bierzo 2020
Bodegas Mengoba Brezo Blanco Bierzo 2020 Back Label
Bodegas Mengoba Brezo Blanco Bierzo 2020 Back Label

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