Mas Jullien Coteaux du Languedoc Rose 2013


Silky, textural, savoury, morish. Better order two.

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This is everything that is great about European and Languedoc Rose. Silky, subtle, savoury, sensational. Perhaps a little understated on its own. But with food it really sings. Made with a blend of grapes from the sun drenched south of France, it is a wonderful part of the world to both visit and drink wines from.

Olivier Jullien took over the family estate in 1985 and soon started making wine himself (his dad was selling to the local co-op). The Languedoc was fiercely unpopular and he showed the way forward was quality. Now his wine, Terraces du Larzac are in demand and command an impressive price.


A large and rambling region on the Mediterranean coast of France. Styles, varieties and quality vary hugely. There are some true gems in the region though. Some appellations are outstanding but mostly producer will be the biggest indicator of quality.


An important supporting grape in a lot of wines from Southern France. It can tolerate the heat but really needs a dry climate to avoid disease. Makes strong black wines that lack a bit of charm without other varieties help. It can really turn it on for textural rosé, especially when an aromatic variety is blended in.


AKA Mazuelo, Cariñena and Samsó. This is a French variety that is often used as a bit player in a blend, generally it involves Grenache. It’s late ripening can be problematic or a good insurance policy. In a blend it brings dark colour, high acid and tannin.

Mourvedre (Monastrell)

Also known as Mourvedre in France and Mataro in the new world. It is known for making a muscular, tannic, meaty, savoury wine. It is often the backbone of a blend but in places like Alicante, Jumilla and Yecla it is the major if not only variety in the red wine. Aging can vary depending on winemaker influence.

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