Henriques and Henriques Finests Dry 5 year old Madeira


H&H are one of the leading Madeira shippers. This is just the entry point but so beautiful to drink.

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Henriques & Henriques has established an impeccable reputation as one of the top sources for high quality Madeira. Henriques and Henriques is absolutely a super star winery. While fortified are out of favour, you are missing out on all this amazing flavour. H&H’s 10 and 15 year old products are out of this world.

The 5 year old range is an affordable range that is the perfect place to jump in. BUT once in, you’ll be compelled to see what the old stuff can offer you. Spoiler alert – it is life changing.

This is a young and vibrant style of Madeira 5 years of ageing in oak casks has given this dry wine a soft, subtle aroma. A very elegant aperitif with a brilliant fruity flavour. Some of


The world’s most robust and long lived wine. They can easily live for centuries and stay fresh for months after opening. For those who have not tasted Madeira; it is a fortified wine from the Portuguese island of the same name,  made in a range of styles from dry(ish) to sweet, yet always with an elegance and a distinctive, refreshing tang to close (this is what separates it from other, heavier tasting fortifieds). But for all this quality there is only a small amount of people who appreciate this style of wine. Therefore it is up to you to help your friends see the light.


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