Domaine Sigalas Vinsanto Santorini 2004 500ml


An intense, luscious sweet wine that is a must for all lovers.

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Paris Sigalas started his winery in 1991 as a hobby and within 15 years has managed to transform it into one of Greece’s most successful wine businesses. The wines of Sigalas are about breadth and intensity while embracing the natural minerality and raciness of the grapes produced. Sigalas built his reputation on modern vinification of the traditional Santorini white varieties: Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aïdani Aspro. His 7 hectare estate has been organically farmed for many years.

The flavours are rich and complex. Burnt toffee, dried fruits, floral notes and more. The palate is unctuous but the acidity balances it well. This is a lovely and unique wine that can be paired with stronger flavoured cheeses and fruit based dishes.

Vinsanto – Originating on Santorini (the island used to be called Santo Erini and that is where the ‘santo’ part of the name comes from). It involves sun drying grapes in this case Assyrtiko and Aidani and making them into a low alcohol sweet wine then aging for no less than 24 months in oak.

Santorini – Part of the island complex of Cyclades located in the South Aegean. The viticultural region of the island has a size of approximately 1,400 hectares, starting at sea level and ascending in terraces up to the caldera, which has a height of up to 250 metres from sea level. There is evidence to say that the history of this region goes back at least 3000 years.

Aegean Islands – An important historical wine making area. Their strong shipping network helped get their wines over the world. PDOs include Santorini, Rodos, Samos, Limnos and Paros. Of these Santorini is the most famous and important. A volcano where the vines grow in low basket shaped crowns to protect the grapes from strong winds, fog and hot sunshine.

Assyrtiko –The dominant variety of the vineyards in Santorini. It is found in 90% of the white wine varieties, with white wine varieties constituting 80% of the viticultural region of the island. It is an indigenous variety, grown since antiquity and is in complete harmony with the harsh conditions of the island. It is linked to the Santorini soil with its mineral taste, its pronounced acidity and the firm structure that the wines of this variety have.

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