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Biancavigna Sui Lieviti is a stunning sparkling wine. It has the typical Prosecco flavours enriched by the Col Fondo method. A great crossover wine.

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Biancavigna Sui Lieviti is 100% Glera from vintage 2019 sourced from the hillside vines in Conegliano.

Sui Lieviti means on lees which refers to the fact it was made with the traditional vin col fondo method. This is very much like the Champagne Method, except the wine is not disgorged, so it is cloudy and develops more character in the bottle. To further enhance this wine, it is Brut Nature, which means no dosage is added; this is as dry as Sparkling wine can be.

Biancavigna Sui Lieviti is a stunning sparkling wine. It has the typical Prosecco Floral, pear and melon flavours, but it is enriched by the bready/leesy flavours you get from the Col Fondo method. The palate is dry, light and fresh. The acid and the weight balance perfectly and allow the flavours to happily linger on your tongue.

I am dead keen to see how this Biancavigna Sui Lieviti evolves with time in the bottle. But, having drunk it recently, it is pretty satisfying right now.

Biancavigna Sui Lieviti Prosecco Veneto NV, and all wines are eligible for at least 5% off any six bottles. And 10% off any 12 bottles. Some wines will be at a more significant discount and not subject to further discounts.

BiancaVigna is a family-owned winery that started in 1903. Their passion for Prosecco and, in particular, the hills between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano is evident in both the wines they make and the way they talk about them. BiancaVigna is 30 hectares in total, and most of that is in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. They produce some fantastic single site wines and a stunning Brut Nature style too.

Biancavigna Sui Lieviti Prosecco DOCG 2019 Wine Review

Luca Gaggio
Relais Alberti
Venice Lido
BiancaVigna Brut Nature Sui Lieviti is made as Prosecco once was, expression of ancient traditions of Valdobbiadene hills. Straw yellow with pale greenish hues, fine perlage with a good persistence. On the nose, you immediately perceive clear floral notes of white wildflowers, fruity aromas of white fruit, especially pear and peach. On the mouth, you find the same olfactory aromas of white fruit and bread crust. Wine of remarkable freshness, perfect for an aperitif but also excellent to be drunk with fish dishes from the Venetian lagoon.


Now exclusively used for the region with the grape variety now called Glera. By using the cheaper charmat method to make the wines and in recent times pushing up the quality, the Italians have cornered the ‘poor person’s Champagne’ market.


Italian Wine

There are 1000s and 1000s of grapes in Italy. There are sub-alpine cool-climate regions in the North and Sun-baked vineyards in the South. Add to that volcanoes and many cultures within one Country. You could struggle to find anything uniform about the wines. The best of the best include Tuscan reds from Sangiovese or Cabernet. Nebbiolo from Piedmont, especially Barolo and Barbaresco. The aromatic whites of NE Italy from Garganega, Pinot Grigio, and numerous crazy blends. The volcanic wines of Mt Etna in Sicily. And many more.

The only generalisation I will make is that a lot of Italian wine is undervalued when compared to a similar French style.

Italian Wine


Wine is the result you get from fermented grape juice. There is proof of wine production dating back 8000 years ago. Fashions, innovations and many other factors have influenced the way wine has evolved over the years.

The wine grape is special. It contains everything you need to make grape wine except for the yeast, which lives on the outside of the skins.

Human inputs can influence the final product, including the viticulture (growing) choices. And the winemaker can shape the wine to a point too.

The best wines of the world often refer to terroir. Terroir is a French term that refers to all the climatic, geological and topographical influences on a specific piece of land. And it is true that neighbouring vineyards, grown identically, can taste noticeably different.

Sparkling Wine

Fizz, bubby, bubbles. It is a wine with bubbles in it. There are many ways to put the bubbles in and many styles and flavours you can find. Important to know that you should never buy cheap Sparkling. Champagne is still the quality leader of the world. But great Sparkling can be found in Moscato (sweet), Prosecco, Franciacorta (Italy), Cava (Spain), Australia, New Zealand, Loire Valley and Burgundy Cremant (France).

The Wine Depository

I, Phil, have been running The Wine Depository since 2011. The Wine Depository exists to make sure you are drinking the good wines. You can browse and pick what is interesting to you. Or you can make contact with me. I’ll make sure you get what you want, to your palate, to your budget and to your door.

Biancavigna Sui Lieviti Prosecco Veneto NV
Biancavigna Sui Lieviti Prosecco DOCG 2019
Biancavigna Sui Lieviti Prosecco Veneto NV Back Label
Biancavigna Sui Lieviti Prosecco DOCG 2019 Back Label

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