What The Hell Does Shiraz Taste Like Anyway?

What the hell does Shiraz taste like anyway

It should be easy. But can you tell me what does Shiraz taste like? Is what you’ve tasted an accurate idea of the Shiraz taste? Even a professional like me gets confused. Let me set the scene. I spent an enjoyable January talking to people. It is one of the fun things about Jan that … Read more

Drink My Cellar For The Heart Foundation @ Scopri 22nd November 2013

For the past two years I have been proud to raise funds for the Heart Foundation. To help achieve my goals I pulled a whole bunch of wine from my personal cellar and organised some customers and friends to attended a dinner at the wonderful restaurant Scopri. The end result was I raised $970 on the night. Plus … Read more


WINE OF THE WEEK:Thomas Sweetwater Shiraz 09 – One of the best producers in the Hunter Valley, in fact some of the best wines in NSW overall. Andrew Thomas cut his teeth at Tyrrell’s before setting up his own winery with the aim to specialise in great Semillon and Shiraz from single vineyards. One of my … Read more

Wine Tastings

I’ve tasted some interesting wines of late and thought I would share. First off there is the wines from my Yarra tour. Part two to follow. Then there was: Pierre Gaillard St Joseph Clos de Cuminaille 2009 – Brilliant wine! I tasted their standard (horrible term but it is said with love) St Joseph and thought … Read more