Adventures with Olde Wines.

A little while ago I purchased a couple of crates of old wines from Australia. They were cheap and came with no guarantees where they had been kept or what shape they were in. I’ve had a few wines that were good enough to warrant the price of the whole purchase and I have slowly gone through the wines when I am in the mood to freely pour wine down the sink because it is terrible.

My most recent attempt included four such bottles. They weren’t all bad, I did enjoy one small glass of the Redman Claret 69 – it had red fruits and a rose petal like note, it just was faded and not built to last 43 years. And the Osicka’s Cabernet NV (from the 70s, probably a blend of vintages) was still reminisciently Cabernet. But too dried out to actually enjoy.

But they ended up in the naughty corner.
The ‘misses’

There is a point to this story: When tasting old wine, always have a back up… or two. Thankfully mine performed superbly.

Some of my fav wines.
The Back ups

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