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Bouscasse Madiran 2009

Gotta a whole lotta South West France love! Since the weather is still cold what better for you than a corset of tannins that is like a hug in a wine glass? Dark, minerally, hint of oak – somewhat reminiscent of Hunter Valley Shiraz. Nutty, smokey/flinty, nice acidity, silky and dense. Great wine!

The Wines of South West France are an untapped resource.
A case of label imitating wine!

Madiran makes reds from Tannat, Cabs Sauvignon and Franc and local variety Fer Servadou. These are seriously tannic wines, easily outstripping all contenders for this title. Despite the structure these wines remain elegant, complex and balanced. They are admirable additions to your cellar without having to pay Bordeaux Cru pricing!

Madiran, Cahors, Bergerac - names to watch.
Stunning South West.

The main variety of Madiran; Tannat makes darkly coloured wines with monstrous tannins but with underlying depth and complexity. Madiran is obviously Tannat’s happy place judging by the wines Tannat is a troublesome variety prone to reduction which causes burnt rubber and onion like aromas in the final wine. This was the inspiration for developing the micro oxygenation technique which is now used worldwide in wine production. (And infamously lampooned in Mondovino).

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