Domaine Zafeirakis Greek Rose Limniona Tyrnavos PGI 2021


The perfect rose!

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The perfect rose. Dry, savoury, mineral, great texture, bay leaves and dry herbs, a touch of pepper. This wine goes with everything and nothing. It slides down very easily and is quite moreish. I wouldn’t age it as there is not a lot to gain here. Great by any standards, not just for a Greek Rose

On the foothills of Mount Olympus is this fourth generation winery’s 8 hectare vineyard. Their love and mastery of the local variety Limniona is something worthy of the Gods.

Greek Wine 

The names, places and concept may seem foreign, but Greece is capable of making some of the great wines of the world. Greek Rose, reds, whites, sparklings and sweet wines are able to amaze and impress by any standards. To delve into the world of Greek wine click here.

Tyrnavos PGI

“A thorny place”. It was established 1990 and is part of the region of Thessalia. They are growing a mix of indigenous and international varieties with varying success.


A very hardy vine that can stand up to a drought. Late ripening, it produces full bodied wines with moderate structure and a distinct bay leaf and mineral aroma. A great variety for making Greek Rose too.

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