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From one of the great sites for Roussanne.

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The Warner Vineyard boasts one of the very best Roussanne sites in Beechworth if not Australia. Made by Gary Mills at Jamsheed who made a Roussanne from this sight too. There is about 30% Marsanne blended in this year due to low crops from the frost. It is more restrained and lemon blossom/honeysuckle this year with a leaner palate. Serve with baked fish in a tomato sauce. This wine will evolve and broaden over the next 5 or so years.

The Warner Vineyard has long been an unsung hero of Beechworth providing great quality Shiraz, Roussanne and Chardonnay. In 2012 the Warner family sought to make their first wine. Grapes are handpicked from vines planted in decomposed granite soils which allow the vines to naturally manage their yield to ensure optimum fruit quality.

Beechworth – Built on the fame and drive of Giaconda, the region of Beechworth has a lot to offer wine lovers. With a good diversity of styles from rich Chardonnay to Pinot Noir as well as Shiraz and Cabernet all doing well it is a must visit place.

Roussanne– One of the grapes, along with Marsanne, that add texture, structure and sobriety to the Rhone Valley’s ostentatious Viognier. Without their flamboyant partner the wines tend to be rich, understated but very well balanced. In the right hands there is amazing perfume and fruit to be coaxed out.

Marsanne– A Rhone Valley variety that offers honeysuckle, florals and a streak of acid. It can be the backbone of a blend that adds its charming characters with age.

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