Thibaud Boudignon Rose de Loire 2019 Fine


Thibaud Boudignon Rose is fermented in tank to retain the freshness of the grapes. Remarkably pink nuanced, mineral, saline, and textural.

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Thibaud Boudignon Rose de Loire is mostly Cabernet Franc (80%), with the rest being Grolleau (20%). Thibaud Boudignon Rose is fermented in tank to retain the freshness of the grapes.

The colour of Thibaud Boudignon Rose is remarkably pink (yes, even for a rose). There is lots of nuance, mineral, saline, and textural elements.

Thibaud Boudignon Rose shows such good balance that I do believe it can improve with time in the bottle. But it is not necessary.

Thibaud Boudignon Rose de Loire 2019, and all wines are eligible for at least 5% off any six bottles. And 10% off any 12 bottles. Some wines will be at a more significant discount and not subject to further discounts.

Thibaud Boudignon has just 7 hectares of vines in Savennieres. He runs his vineyards organically, hand harvests and his yields are drastically lower than the AOC allows. Natural yeasts, long, slow ferments in large oak, minimal sulphur are all used to make his wines. Thibaud Boudignon makes wines that are pure, true to the terroir and that are impressive and complex.

Thibaud Boudignon Rose de Loire 2019 Wine Review

Josh Raynolds
June 2021
91 points
Shimmering orange-pink. Vibrant strawberry and tangerine qualities on the incisive nose, along with bright mineral and floral accents. Taut and energetic on the palate, offering fresh red berry, nectarine, orange zest and floral pastille flavors underscored by a nervy mineral note. Finishes floral and long, with resonating minerality and a hint of pit fruits.


Anjou is a region of the Loire Valley. It is considered Middle Loire along with Touraine and Saumur. Within Anjou you find the appellations of Savennieres for dry Chenin Blanc and Coteaux du layon for  the sweet examples. There is a vast range of grapes and styles made in Anjou. There are some absolute gems in there too. Look out from Grolleau and Pinot d’Aunis for something different.

Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is one of the parents of Cabernet Sauvignon, along with Sauvignon Blanc (oh! The name makes sense now!).  It is most famous for being the third most crucial grape in quality Bordeaux. But also excels in the Loire Valley (where it lived before it went to Bordeaux), especially Chinon and Saumur. The wines are bright red, highlight aromatics with raspberries, rose petals, violets along with tobacco, cassis and some herbal elements. The best examples can live as long as any great wine.


Grolleau is a Loire Valley native. Grolle means crow and relates to the colour of the skins. Grolleau is known for making Rose in the Anjou. It has low alcohol and high acid. Grolleau was probably favoured for its early and reliable ripening in the cold Loire climate. But it has been surpassed by the Cabernet varieties because they tend to add more flavour to a wine.

Loire Valley

The people in the know are already on this. And probably don’t want the secret to get out. The Loire makes some fantastic wines of all colours and styles, which are stupidly cheap for the quality.

Can any white wine rival Loire Valley Chenin Blanc for elegance, grace and poise in the cellar? Some Rieslings would give it a run but not much else. Chenin, whether sweet or dry, produces wines with a lovely balance. Taut, unrelenting acidity and pillowy soft fruit that sits on top. The best wines think Savennières, Vouvray and Montlouis, can age for a surprisingly long time. Sancerre and surrounds offers wine lovers a legitimate reason to drink Sauvignon Blanc! Oh, and if Muscadet (made from Melon de Bourgogne) isn’t the very best oyster wine, then I’ll eat my hat.

Get stuck into the stunning sparkling wines that give Champagne a run for its money—at the same time, being such great value that they rival Prosecco and Cava.

And the reds from Cabernet Franc that will make lovers of Burgundy or Bordeaux swoon. Oh! And the Gamay and rose wines. Delicious.

Did I mention they make my favourite sweet wines in the world?

loire valley map

French Wine

The land that some many New World (not European) wine producers look to emulate. To generalise about French wine, I would say it is savoury, lighter-bodied wines. They are the definition of elegant, complex. There are many styles, though. And there is a French wine for every palate. They lead the world in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in Burgundy. Sparkling Wine in Champagne. Cabernet and Merlot in Bordeaux. Syrah(Shiraz) and Grenache in the Rhone Valley. Riesling, Gewurztraminer, and Pinot Gris in Alsace. Sauvignon Blanc, and Chenin Blanc in the Loire Valley. Gamay in Beaujolais.

French Wine Regions 2


Wine is the result you get from fermented grape juice. There is proof of wine production dating back 8000 years ago. Fashions, innovations and many other factors have influenced the way wine has evolved over the years.

The wine grape is special. It contains everything you need to make grape wine except for the yeast, which lives on the outside of the skins.

Human inputs can influence the final product, including the viticulture (growing) choices. And the winemaker can shape the wine to a point too.

The best wines of the world often refer to terroir. Terroir is a French term that refers to all the climatic, geological and topographical influences on a specific piece of land. And it is true that neighbouring vineyards, grown identically, can taste noticeably different.

Rose Wine

Rose in Europe is like water. It is everywhere, and everyone drinks it. In Australia, Rose has been a second class citizen, often seen as a compromise between white and red. This is not the case at all. Rose is wine style in its own right. It can be still or sparkling. Dry (bone dry!) or sweet. It can be simple or complex. It can be young drinking, or some Rose can age for a long, long time. If you write off Rose, then you are the one missing out.

Rose can be achieved by leaving red grapes on skins for a shorter amount of time. The Saignee (to bled) method sees juice run off the concentrate the liquid to skin ratios. Tache (stain) is a common way to make sparkling Rose, adding a dash of red wine to a white base.

The grape used to make Rose drives the style. Grenache, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo are all classic examples. And as you might imagine, they are all quite different in flavour and structure.

Champagne Rose is a delight; some can taste like Red Burgundy with bubbles. Southern France, especially Bandol, excel at top level Rose. Spanish and Italian Rose are often worth seeking for more casual drinking.

The Wine Depository

I, Phil, have been running The Wine Depository since 2011. The Wine Depository exists to make sure you are drinking the good wines. You can browse and pick what is interesting to you. Or you can make contact with me. I’ll make sure you get what you want, to your palate, to your budget and to your door.

Thibaud Boudignon Anjou Rose 2019
Thibaud Boudignon Rose de Loire 2019
Thibaud Boudignon Anjou Rose 2019 Back Label
Thibaud Boudignon Rose de Loire 2019

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