Spinifex Papillon 2012


All about aromatic charm and freshness.

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Spinifex is a gem of a producer based in the Barossa Valley. Through share farming and good relationships they have access to some great vineyard sites which they use to craft their wines. There is a strong focus on the sandier soils of the Barossa so they make lighter, more aromatic and elegant wines (by Barossa standards of course). Pete and Magali really craft their wines to reflect a sense of place, have texture and savoury qualities. Whats more the wines age remarkably well if you give them a chance.

This is about as close to Pinot Noir as the Barossa does. A blend of Grenache and Cinsault that are treated so all the freshness and vibrancy of the freshly picked grapes stays in the wine. Light, spicy, red fruits, very fresh on the nose. The palate is light, silky and fresh. There is firm fruit tannins and nice fruit intensity. In the event of an extremely hot day you could slightly chill this or for heat wave conditions an ice cube in the glass would restore this wines aromatic charm.

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