Salomon Kogl Kremstal Riesling 2011


A most amiable wine from a producer who never disappoints. .

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Founded in 1792 Salomon Undhof is a wine estate with a long tradition. The Salomon family own 20 hectares of vineyards which are planted with equal amounts of Riesling and Grüner Veltliner as well as a tiny amount of ‘Gelber Traminer’ on
the best terraced sites along the Danube River in Stein and Krems.

A most amiable wine. It is perfectly balanced with lots of white and and green fruits, floral notes and more. It is a complete wine now but will keep its peak for a long time yet.

Kremstal – North East of Wachau and slightly bigger at 2243 hectares. There are three distinct zones in Kremstal.  Once again Riesling and Grüner dominate production for very good reason too.

Riesling – One of the world’s most noble varieties and known transmitter of terroir. Riesling is an important variety for quality wine production although only makes up approximately 4% of the planted area.

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