Rene Mure Clos St Landelin Vorbourg Grand Cru Alsace Riesling 2008


Classy Alsace Riesling from an outstanding parcel of the Vorbourg Grand Cru vineyard.

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Muré wines are fine and rich with beautifully mineral acidities. This is achieved in the vineyard where Alsace’s naturally long ripening season is enhanced by Muré’s exceptional south-facing slopes.

Situated near Rouffach Vorbourg is 72ha of south-easterly exposure at 200m-300m. The Clos is a monopole of Mure. A South facing 15ha section at the Southern end of Vorbourg. Clay and limestone with hard sandstone underneath, it can ripen Pinot Noir.

A stunning melange of citrus, tropical and even some red fruits. There is multiple layers and the further you get down the more the savoury, earthy and mineral elements come to the fore. These are the parts that make this an ultra classy wine. The palate is firmly held in check by lean acid, a hint of phenolics and a mineral core and the dazzling array of fruit and perfume sits on top. A stunning wine that would benefit from another 5 years or more in a good cellar.

Riesling – One of the world’s most noble varieties and known transmitter of terroir. Riesling is an important variety for quality wine production although only makes up approximately 4% of the planted area. Wonderful wines are found in Germany, Austria, Alsace and Australia. They can be as dry as any wine you’ll taste or super sweet and luscious. It is a wonderful grape. See more about Riesling here.

Alsace – Currently a French territory after coming under German rule twice during the wars the Alsatians tend to think of themselves as being from Alsace first. Their language, culture and wines are all somewhat removed from the rest of the world. For instance, when it comes to aromatic whites no one can compare. Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris to name but a few all excel in this cold border region. Some wines can be expensive for the quality but the production quantities mean there are still many bargains to be had.

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