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I know what you’re thinking. I will say this is a wine that needs context. Having found it I really enjoy this wine.

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This is Retsina, albeit a modern take, but there is a small amount of pine resin added. It is confronting but with context it is actually quite a lovely wine. Under the initial attack there is some brilliantly pure Savatiano showing through. In fact it is almost like a Loire Valley Chenin Blanc. It has texture, a savoury element and the bouquet is quite complex and layered. There is nice acidity and length of flavour. Like the great wines from Italy’s Soave region the more you try this wine the more it grows on you.

SERVICE TIPS: Serve at cool room temperature, not icy cold.
Give it some air, the pine character evolves into a lovely rosemary character.
Serve it with food. Think rosemary, olives, tomato.

Since 1919 the Papagiannakos family have been making wines from Central Greece. They particularly championed the making of Savatiano that is commonly used in Retsina but can be made into a beautiful white wine if treated with love.


A coastal region in Central Greece. The proximity to the sea and resulting gentle breeze keeps everything cool and makes storms, hail and frost almost non-issues. The wines from here tend to be delicate and aromatic.


A white or rose wine make with the addition of pine resin. Historically the pine resin was used to seal amphorae. The flavour became popular and so after the Romans introduced oak barrels they continued adding resin.


Thought to have originated in Attica and is one of the most planted varieties all over Greece.  Its resistance to drought, late ripening and traditionally used for Retsina.

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