Paitin Roero Arneis 2011


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The history of Paitin started in 1796, when Benedetto Elia purchased their property. The first Barbaresco wine was bottled in 1893. Very good Piedmont wines are produced from 17 hectares land. Notably the strikingly persistent Barbaresco Sorì Paitin Vigne Vecchie. Nebbiolo d’Alba Ca Veja is a well-structured wine, while Arneis Vigna Elisa, Barbera d’Alba Serra Boella and Dolcetto d’Alba Sorì Paitin are worth tasting for their pureness.

The superiore refers to a wine that has an extra level of ripeness – something that is celebrated in cold climates. A quality example of Barbera, it shows density, earthy, graphite and tea leaf characters to balance out the red berry fruits. The palate displayed a nice tart element along with a pretty bergamot note. A really great example of Barbera.

Arneis – The most complex of the whites used in Piedmont. It makes mid-weight wines tasting of sour apple, grapefruit and white flowers.

Piedmont – Known as one of the greatest wine regions in the world, its name literally means the ‘foot of the mountain’. Piedmont located in the North Western reach of Italy. There are a lot of parallels drawn between the best wines of Piedmont (Barolo and Barbaresco) and the wines of Burgundy. The region neighbours France and Switzerland with its border defined by the Alps to the north and west and Apennines to the south. These natural defences were used to keep the Ligurians safe from Roman invasions. Luckily it didn’t work forever, as we may not have the wines that we cherish today.

The climate is continental with long cold winters and hot and fairly wet summers. The foggy hills give name to the most famous local variety Nebbiolo with Nebbie meaning first fog. The best soils are not suited to farming other than viticulture, they tend to be thin with large amounts of clay, marl and calcareous matter.

Piedmont is Italy’s most prolific sources of high quality wines, producing more than three million hectolitres, about half of which is DOC or DOCG quality.

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