Mordrelle Wines Sauvignon Blanc Adelaide Hills 2018


Mordrelle Wines is not your average Sauv. It possess an extra depth of flavour and texture that Australian SB is often missing.

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This possibly marks the first time I’ve shown off an Australian Sauvignon Blanc at an event over the last 8.5 years. Why now? Mordrelle Wines is not your average Sauv. Rather than just pressing, fermenting and bottling a fresh style, Martin has left this wine on lees for an extended time. This adds an extra depth of flavour and texture that Australian SB is often missing. Australian white, in general, miss this, to be honest.
Mordrelle Wines is a family team headed by Martin. Made in a shed from grapes supplied by growers in the Adelaide Hills and Langhorne Creek. I sat down to taste 15 wines with Martin. There were no bad wines. But there were also clear standouts.

Adelaide Hills

This is a big and varied region. Basically it stretches from the top of the McLaren Vale all the way to the bottom of the Barossa. This means there is a big scope for climatic conditions. In the central part where its altitude is quite high, you can get some of the best sites in the world for Sparkling wine. In the slightly warmer parts of the centre, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir reign supreme with Riesling, Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc worthy of honourable mentions.

Sauvignon Blanc

Hero to many, weed to many more. Sauvignon Blanc sure does divide people. The pure expression of Sauvignon fruit is a stunning and exuberant array of tropical fruits with ripe herbs and plant material. It excels in the chalk, clay and sand of the Loire as well as the wonderful vineyards in Bordeaux for dry white and Sauternes production where Semillon curbs its outgoing nature.


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