Modus Operandi Doppelator Winter Lager 500ml

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What an impression Modus Operandi Doppelator Winter Lager makes. At 7.6% it has a definite wintery in outlook. Liquid bread indeed.

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What an impression Modus Operandi Doppelator Winter Lager makes. Speaking to the Melbourne sales manager Becky Centeno she described the beer as ‘liquid bread’. The original doppelbock style was the sustenance for the German monks during winter. At 7.6% it has a definite wintery in outlook. It shows caramel, banana, spice. Modus Operandi Doppelator is rich on the palate with a full mouthfeel. Mildly bitter and malt-forward, it has a green, hoppy finish. Modus Operandi Doppelator is very enjoyable. I have drunk more than my share of this beer to date. I’ll continue to drink it if you don’t buy some too.

Hear Becky talk about Modus Operandi Doppelator and MO in general.

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Started in 2012 after our husband and wife team spent 6 months of touring the USA to delve into the craft beer revolution. The MO is great beer with no short cuts. That means flying yeast in from the USA, scouring the globe for the best ingredients, and especially, keeping the beer cold from the moment it is packaged. The beers are great. The Sonic Prayer was a real find, the Former Tenant is in my top handful of beers ever. Therefore, you need to buy some cans and find out what the fuss is all about.


Where Bock is a German strong lager. Strong meaning higher is alcohol and malt flavours. The Doppel (double) bock is extra strong. In Munich, the Paulaner Friars served this “liquid bread” fasting because solid food was not permitted. Doppelbock ranges 7%–12% and from golden to brown in colour. Malt flavours are prominent with hops well in the background. Historically doppelbock names end in an ‘ator’.


Comes from the German Lagern meaning “to store”. Lager is fermented with different yeasts to Ales and is kept quite cool during the whole process. Therefore giving a beer that is soft, light, subtle, pure. Cold storage also allows for extra clarification and the cold storage (previously in ice caves!) is what the name refers to. Making good Lager is actually quite hard because any faults will be obvious. Great Lager is something to behold and unfortunately often overlooked in favour of the flavour bombs that IPA provide. A lot of Australia’s mainstream beers are bland Lager despite their names.

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