Mallaluka Syrah Canberra District 2019


Mallaluka Syrah is very nice. A bit richer and rounder than ‘classic’ Canberra District Shiraz. But it does offer easy-drinking, complex flavours.

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Mallaluka Syrah is very nice. For me, it is a bit richer and rounder than ‘classic’ Canberra District Shiraz. It is not as obviously spicy either. What Mallaluka Syrah does give you though, is easy-drinking, complex flavours. Like the whole Mallaluka range, it is just so nice to drink you’ll wish you’d bought more.

The motto at Mallaluka seems to be “we drink what we make, the rest is for you.” This family-run winery started in 2014. Low-intervention/experimental batches are the go here. They might learn the hard way one vintage. But next vintage, you bet they will have nailed it.


A bit of a chameleon, Shiraz can change how it looks depending on the terroir and/or winemaker influence. The Syrah-based wines of Northern Rhone are dry and austere while the Shiraz of Barossa is rich and fleshy. A variety that lends itself to long aging but can be drunk at any time of its evolution.

Canberra District

Although there is heritage back to 1840s the region really started in 1970s with experimental blocks being planted. The climate is cool and the elevation is between 300 and 800. Riesling and Shiraz are standout varieties with site determining what other varieties excel.

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