Kir-Yianni Kali Riza Amyndeon PDO Xinomavro 2017


Kir-Yianni Kali Riza is from Amyndeon. It is distinctively different from the Ramnista. A bit lighter but with old vines it is no less complex.

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Kir-Yianni Kali Riza is from Amyndeon. It is distinctively different from the Ramnista Xinomavro that a lot of you have tried already. It doesn’t have the same weight and depth. But despite being a bit lighter being taken from old vines means it is no less complex. Strawberries and cherries with a herbal edge. Rich palate with refreshing acidity. The balance is great so the wine is drinkable now. Kali Riza will evolve over the next 7 years too.

The Kir-Yianni company was founded in 1997 by Yiannis Boutaris. Based in Naoussa and Amyndeon, on both sides of mount Vermion in Northwestern Greece. With vineyards in Naoussa and Amyndeon planted to native and international varieties, they have scope to make some truly amazing wines. Their best is by far the Xinomavro based reds.


The vine growing zone of the PDO Amyndeon is located in the southeastern part of the Florina. Τhe plateau of Amyndeon, lies between the two lakes metaphorically embraced by the mountains Vermion, Vitsi, and Voras. PDO Amyndeon zone, officially recognized in 1972. But is one of the most important wine-growing regions of Greece, where the viticulture dates back to antiquity.


The most distinguished variety of Northern Greece mostly famously in the Macedonian PDO Naoussa. These wines are dense with silky mouthfeel, big tannins and good acidity. In fact, the name means “Acid Black”. These wines have a lot of layers and age well. Often compared to Nebbiolo from Italy it tastes of red fruits, olives, spice and dried tomatoes.


The Northernmost part of Greece that survived war, phylloxera and emigration to now be thriving. PDO Naoussa makes possibly the best wines in Greece from Xinomavro. The whites of Epanomi PGI and Sparkling wines of Amyntaio PDO and Florina PGI are worth a mention too.

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