Kellybrook Riesling 2011


A lovely floral and limey Riesling with hints of toast and savoury characters.

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Kellybrook was established in 1962 and has quietly gone about making lovely wines and cider from their property in Wonga Park. In June 2011 Rob Hall joined the team after spending almost 10 years at Mount Mary. He was keen to spread his wings and try some new and interesting things with wines and introduced the Estate range wines. Made exclusively from fruit from the vineyard in Wonga Park and they are something special for sure. I have no doubt in saying the Estate range of wines will be considered classics of the Yarra in a few years time. We will focus on the Estate wines but will also include a few of the other Kellybrook range too. Don’t miss your chance to get in on the ground floor!

Limey, dry, minerally with just a hint of development, bitterness and phenolic grip. A good wine and great value.

Riesling – One of the world’s most noble varieties and known transmitter of terroir. Riesling is an important variety for quality wine production although only makes up approximately 4% of the planted area. Wonderful wines are found in Germany, Austria, Alsace and Australia. They can be as dry as any wine you’ll taste or super sweet and luscious. It is a wonderful grape. See more about Riesling here.

Yarra Valley – A region that covers a lot of ground and a lot of climates. The upper Yarra being cooler and more elegant, the lower Yarra being warmer and capable of ripening Shiraz and Cabernet. The one thing you can say is that great wine is made in both upper and lower but producer is King. Get to know who is making the great wines and you are on to a winner.

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