Jeanneret Moon Dance Clare Valley Malbec 2012


Big, old school Aussie red. Delicious. Where is my T-bone?

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A Swiss chemist and his wife attempted self sufficient living and ended up making lovely wines in Australia’s wonderful Clare Valley. The first release was 1992 and they just got better as time went on. Their son is now in charge of the wines and adopted the hands off approach while keeping the trademark generosity of flavour. Delicious.

Like a shameful joy, this is rich, succulent, indulgent almost hedonistic. Blackberries, mulberry, a hint of funk, plenty of oak and a background of savoury truffles, damp earth, game meats and more. There is bags of flavour and nothing at all shy here. The fruit weight sits over the structure but there is still a fair wallop of tannins if you look for them. This wine could improve with age if you wanted to give it another 5-10 years, its pretty generous now. Keep the food matching simple, T-bone steak and make it big!

Clare Valley – One of the great wine regions of Australia. Known for its boney, citric Rieslings that build flesh with bottle age – a classic Australian style. It can also make some lovely Shiraz and Cabernet.

Malbec – Native to South West France, Malbec is a minor player in Bordeaux and the major grape in the underappreciated Cahors. It has long been the star of Argentina. It makes wines that are intense, tannic, dark fruited with nice acidity. Perfect match for a country that consumes a lot of meat.

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