Giovanni Dri Il Roncat Rosso DOC 1990


Giovanni Dri has made a blend of native and international grapes to craft a wine that has last 18 years and is still a stunning drink.

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Giovanni Dri works where he was born. From this small town in Friuli he tends some special Crus. He now has over 40 harvests worth of experience. His wines speak of himself and the terroirs they are grown in.

Take from his back label it says (approximately) “Steep, impervious, beaten by the sun, this is in the Friulian meaning of the name Roncat. This is my old and suffering vineyard. It is found in the sunny Ramandolo where nothing more can be cultivated. The ’90 of those few unrepeatable suggested me to select the best grapes to make a wine to remember.”

And a wine to remember it is! A blend of the Native Refosco and Schioppettino with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. This is a mature wine that still has some of that lovely red and plum fruits. There is a lot of earth and leather notes worked in as you would expect. It is a wine that is ready to drink and after a bit of air, it really shows complexity.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

In the very North East of Italy you will find this region that displays a noticeable Slavic and Germanic influence in their culture. The regional wines are mostly celebrated for the aromatic, textural and sometimes crazy whites. The region has 11 DOC and 3 DOCG appellations. It is very hard to discern a producers particular style without guidance here. But the wines can and often are outstanding.


Refosco is an ancient variety native to the North East of Italy. It is dark skinned, and has flavours similar to Cabernet. It can reward aging like Cabernet too.


In 1977 the Schioppettino was saved from oblivion in its home of Friuli. Nowadays Schioppettino has its own sub-zone and is growing in size and popularity. You can also find Schioppettino in Slovenia where it’s called pocaza. The wines are reminiscent of Pinot Noir or Syrah. They tend to be lower alcohol and higher in acidity. They tend to have characters of violets, red berries, pepper, and earthiness. Also known as Ribolla Nera locally.

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