Fruits of the Vines Kalimna Grenache 2012


Aromatic, nice and silky very vibrant and primary.

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This wine comes from a particularly great site in the Barossa sub region called Kalimna. The wine is aromatic, nice and silky very vibrant and primary. Everything that is good about Grenache. Hints of herbs and fresh cut flowers really lift it. Not a big, dense monster, this is light and fresh and slides down very easily. It will go well with a charcuterie plate. I don’t think I would worry about aging this wine.

A wine making project that is focused on finding sustainable parcels of fruit that are of excellent quality and allowing them to speak rather than using excessive wine making. The range evolves as inspiration and opportunity arises.

Barossa Valley

One of the major wine regions of Australia. Known for making great Shiraz by any standard as well as Grenache, Mataro, Semillon and much more. There has been a lot of work finding the sub-regions that excel for each style and variety planted.


Spain’s gift to the world. We know it as Grenache and I think everyone has a soft spot for it in some way. Almost too exuberant in expressing its sweet red fruits and high alcohol, it often needs a little bit of other wines to add moderation, structure and depth. Much like Abbott and Costello. Despite this the wines of Priorat, Chateauneuf du Pape, Rioja and Aussie GSMs have an amazing ability to age for the long term.

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